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15 Multi Variety Packets of Vegetable Seeds 


Grow a delicious vegetable crop this year with Viridis Hortus bumper variety vegetable seed pack collection featuring many varieties.

Great deal 15 Variety Packs of Vegetable Seeds

Packet Content: Tabasco Hot Chilli, Lettuce Babyleaf Mesclun Mix, Spinach, Carrots, Cress, Spring Onion, Swede, Rocket, Sweet Pepper, Strawberry, Beetroot, Cabbage, Mini Sweetcorn, Pea’s


Huge variety of different seeds Ideal selection to start off your own home or allotment vegetable plot. 

Sowing Instruction’s enclosed with pack


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*LETTUCE – Babyleaf Mix - (550) 1g Seeds - our own salad leaf mixes are selected from blend of milder baby lettuces varieties with interesting & tasty babyleaf salad leaves.


*SPINACH - Medania - (300) 2.29g's Seeds - older open pollinated variety, with good quality yields, slow bolting.


*CRESS - Greek - (1000) 2.62g's Seeds - is a Spicy Version of Garden Cress. Something new for your salads and other healthy eating.


*CARROT - Solar Yellow - (800) 1g Seeds - is a Danvers type carrot that reaches about 6-7" in length. Its buttery yellow flesh is sweet and crisp.


*SPRING ONION - White Lisbon - (1000) 3.15g's Seeds - Indispensable for a decent salad. Delicious when young, more pungent flavour as the bulbs swell.


*SWEDE - Best of All - (250) 0.92g's Seeds - Purple top variety. Medium sized roots with a mild flavour. Very hardy and holds well.


*Strawberry - White Delight - 20 seeds one of the sweetest strawberries you’ll ever taste. Ripens as white berries with an unforgettably sweet flavour Best tasting yellow fruits that do not attract birds.


*ROCKET - Napoli - (1000) 0.31g's Seeds - very strong-flavoured version of the more commonly-known standard plain salad rocket. Smaller plant, with a narrower leaf shape. Recommended where flavour is especially important.


*SWEET PEPPER - Californian Wonder 40 Seeds - Thick-walled red and green sweet peppers. Open pollinated variety, producing blocky, square-shaped fruits.


*CHILLI PEPPER - Tabasco - 15 Seeds - One of the most well-known pungent extremely hot variety which mature from green to red and are very HOT!


*BEETROOT - Detroit 2 Crimson Globe - (120) 2g's Seeds - A popular variety for early and maincrop sowings. Round roots with good internal colouring.


*CABBAGE - January King (Savoy) - (100) 0.32g's Seeds - Are crisp and crunchy with a good flavour, and the leaf is an attractive conifer-blue colour.


*SWEETCORN - Minipop - 20 Seeds - The baby sweet corn that is popular for stir fry and salad dishes. PEA produces a heavy crop of tiny sweet flavoured peas.


*CARROT - Early Nantes 2 - (1000) 1.43g's Seeds - A fast maturing selection with medium length roots of good internal colour.


*PEA - Petit Provencal - (130) 24.6g's Seeds - Produces a heavy crop of tiny sweet flavoured peas.


Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.
Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.

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