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Alpine Strawberry ?White Delight? (Fragaria vesca var. semperflorens) 
One of the sweetest strawberries you?ll ever taste, Alpine Strawberry ?White Delight? ripens as creamy white berries with an unforgettably sweet flavor. The berries soften slightly when fully mature and are easy to pick. These delightful treats are a novelty due to their color but don?t be fooled because they are some of the tastiest strawberries you will ever eat. The flowering period is May and June followed by the harvest of berries in early summer. Also called ?Alpine Yellow,? these small strawberries are easy-to-grow in the home garden and because they?re hardy perennials, they return every year providing a sweet, delicious harvest. 

White Delight grows as a Perennial and is a Fruit. Being a Perennial, it tends to grow best over several years (approx 3 years and greater). White Delight is known for growing to a height of approximately 25.0 cm (9.75 inches).

White Delight Alpine strawberry is normally quite a low maintenance plant and is normally very easy to grow - great for beginner gardeners!

Sow finely and thinly cover with compost, best sown from October onwards. The key factor in germination is the winterizing of the seeds. This can be simulated before sowing by wrapping the seeds in wet paper towels and sealing in a plastic food bag and leaving in the fridge for between 15 and 30 days. Alternatively sow in late autumn for late winter/early spring germination.

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