About us

Welcome to Viridis Hortus (Viridis Hortus is Latin for Green Garden)

Who are Viridis Hortus?

Viridis Hortus have been supplying vegetable seeds and flower seeds across the UK from our base in West Yorkshire, and have built up an enviable reputation for supplying professional quality seed, rapidly and efficiently. We remain independent, allowing us to select the most appropriate seed varieties from the leading plant breeders worldwide, and we stay at the forefront of seed development by monitoring trials and customer feedback both in the UK and overseas.



What does Viridis Hortus sell?

Viridis Hortus supplies field and glasshouse vegetable seeds, bedding, perennial and cut flower seeds, wild flower seeds, direct-sown flower seed mixtures (the so-called ‘meadow mixtures’ or 'wild flower meadows'), lawn grass seed, onion sets, potato tubers, soft fruit plants, rhubarb plants, asparagus crowns and other related materials such as labels and grafting clips. We offer a range of primed, Pelleted, treated and graded seed options. For the organic grower a wide range of organically-produced vegetable seed is available.



DEFRA License No. 7641                             

UK/EW Plant Passport GB130327 

Company Number: 13201645

VAT Number: GB 374 4769 49