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Parsley `Bravour` is a moss curled parsley type with vigorous plants with tightly curled dark green leaves and an intense flavour. The plants are very productive and winter hardy. The leaves of the curly parsley are usually used raw as spice herb or only briefly heated, otherwise they lose their typical flavour.


  • Originated from Denmark, this low-growing parsley produce long stem that topped with compact dark green curly leaves. Bravour Parsley very versatile herb an ideal variety for container ie. in pot near the kitchen windowsill, as long as it is watered, fed and cut. It can also be grown in hanging baskets, window boxes and in containers. 
  • You should not missed out to grow this exceptional flavour parsley for your kitchen use or as an ornamental in your garden. In hot summer water well.
  • Height   : 12? - 24 ?
  • Spacing   : 12" - 18"
  • Sun Light : > 6 hours - Full
  • Water : Average
  • Sowing : Sow seeds 1/4 " deep
  • Germination : Slow,  4 - 6 Weeks
  • Harvest 40 - 60 Days
  • Size  : Medium Leaf
  • Color : Dark Green Leaves


?Sowing & cultivation: 

Parsley likes a good deep soil, not too light and not acidic and sunny to half-shady place. Parsley can be sown all year round in pots or directly outdoors, and it hates being transferred. Direct sow seeds thinly, in drills 30-45cm apart and about 3cm deep. Keep moist. If at any time the leaves turn a little yellow, cut back to encourage new growth and feed with a liquid fertilizer. At the first sign of flower heads appearing, remove them if you wish to continue harvesting the leaves.


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