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Mottistone is a Batavia type, as sometimes referred to as 'summer crisp' lettuces for their densely packed hearts and ability to resist bolting in the heat of the season.

This gorgeously mottled selection delivers on that promise, providing select harvests of crisp outer leaves before forming its sweet, succulent heads for loads of extended food value. Maroon speckles adorn the healthy, disease resistant, deep green plants, setting Mottistone apart within its class.

CULTURE: Most lettuces are hardy, cool-season crops that can be planted as early as the soil can be worked. Many do best when the air temperature is between 60-70°F, and will germinate well at soil temperatures as low as 40°F. Choose heat tolerant varieties for summer plantings. Lettuce can be sown either directly into the garden or started indoors and transplanted. With succession plantings every 3 weeks, you can enjoy fresh salads all season. A cold frame and cold-hardy varieties can stretch the spring and fall growing season into the winter months.

TO DIRECT SOW: Sow seed 1 inch apart, in rows 16-18 inches apart. Cover seeds lightly and firm gently. As soon as 2-3 true leaves have formed, thin loose-leaf types 10-14 inches apart and icebergs, butterheads, and remains 12-16 inches apart.

FOR TRANSPLANTS: Sow 3-4 seeds per inch in sterile seedling mix 3 weeks prior to planting out. Transplant individual plants into pots or cell trays 2 weeks after sowing. Before planting outside, harden off for 2-3 days by reducing water and placing outdoors in a sheltered location. Leafy green vegetables require a moderately fertile soil. One cup of our complete fertilizer per 10 row feet will provide adequate nutrition.

INSECTS/PESTS: Most lettuce grows quickly, so pests aren't a problem. Aphids can be washed off with a strong spray of water, and slugs can be controlled with diatomaceous earth, slug baits, or traps.

HARVEST: During the warmer seasons, lettuce remains in prime eating condition for about 3 weeks. While picking individual leaves helps extend the season somewhat, all eventually become tough and bitter as they begin to bolt. We've found that rinsing lettuce under warm tap water can help reduce bitterness.

Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.


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