Komatsuna Comred F1 Babyleaf Mustard Spinach

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Komatsuna Comred F1 Babyleaf Mustard Spinach 370 1g Vegetable seeds

This very tasty and versatile veg can be eaten raw in salads or shredded it into your stir fry - our two varieties allow you to grow and harvest all year round. Find it a space in your garden!

Tasty rich ruby red leaves contrast beautifully with their green stems: this variety grows well from late spring to early autumn and makes a lovely addition to salads and sandwiches

KOMATSUNA COMRED F1 ~ tasty rich ruby red leaves and contrasting green stems

SOW: can be started in modules from late spring to late summer, or sow thinly where they are to grow (good for CCA use). Make several sowings for a supply through to autumn. 

GROW: Transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage and space at 10cm for small plants, or up to 35cm apart if you want to grow larger plants. Komatsuna can be harvested as a cut and come again (by leaving a short length of stem to re-sprout), or at any stage from small to large. 

EAT: Use in salads and sandwiches. Mature leaves and be shredded into a stir fry or steamed. Tasty and nutricious.

Komatsuna is usually grown in raised beds in spring through to autumn and under cover in winter. The plants are hardy to about to approx minus12°C (10°F). Although they are capable of surviving most winters outdoors, you will get better quality plants by growing Komatsuna under cover in winter, where they will continue to grow in sunny weather.
Choose an open site in full sun. Komatsuna can grow on a wide range of soil types but prefers firm rich, loamy soils with high water retention. To ensure sufficient nutrient levels, it is best to top dress or apply a liquid feed such as seaweed fertiliser during growth. 

Sowing: April to September.
Seeds can be sown early in modules or sown directly into prepared soil. For seedling crop either broadcast sow or in wide drills. Mature crop sow in situ or transplant from modules space for small plants from 5cm apart up to 50cm for larger plants. Most varieties will grow 30 to 45cm (12 to 18in) tall, but growth is mostly upright so plants can be grown fairly close together if space is limited
Sow the seeds thinly 2.5cm (1in) deep and about 2 to 5cm (1 to 2in) apart. Sow seeds successionally through to September.
Keep the soil consistently moist, especially in dry periods. After one to two weeks plants are ready to be thinned out. The thinnings should be replanted. 
The spacing of your final plants will vary due to the final size required. Komatsuna are usually thinned to around 25cm (10in) between plants, but the spacing can be as little as 5cm (2in) for harvesting when very young at ?micro-veg? stage or can be thin to 45cm (18in) apart to grow to full maturity. 

Komatsuna should be watered regularly and heavily especially during dry and hot periods as the roots grow deep into the soil. Feed occasionally with a liquid fertiliser.

Harvesting: 25 days for baby leaf 55 days mature plants
Harvesting can start at any time from when the plants are 10cm (4in) high. The leaves can be cut individually as needed, or the whole plant can be harvested, snipped off just above the roots. If you cut them about 2.5cm (1in) above ground level the plants will re-shoot from the roots to produce further crops and usually at least two, sometimes three cuttings can be made over several months before rejuvenating the soil and replanting is necessary.

Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season.

Regular feeding is recommended.


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