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An excellent new variety, producing a good yield of petit pois. The plants are typically 50-60cm in height, with two pods per node. This variety is an easy picker due to the larger than normal sized pods and is resistant to Pea Wilt Race 1 and shows moderate resistance to Downy Mildew.


Provencal Petit Pois Pea is a modern variety that delivers a high yield of excellent quality petit pois peas. Produces 2-3 pods per node, with approximately 8 peas per pod.

Sweetest and most tender peas ever the Provencal is ridiculously easy to grow, sow as you would any other garden pea, the plant grows to a height of around 75cm (30in) and forms a semi-bush with lovely small white flowers. Staking or short trellising is helpful but not always necessary. Very productive it reliably gives heavy crops of tiny sweet flavoured peas in 8 to 10cm (3 to 4in) pods. 65 days to maturity.

These tiny sweet peas are lovely eaten raw, in the traditional way – fresh from the pod or added to salads. Petit pois, freshly shelled and cooked with grace, are a delicacy, to be savoured. They are perfect for authentic French cuisine, or with a traditional Sunday roast. If you can bear to delay your gratification and get them as far as the kitchen without eating them.

Firenza are also an ideal variety for freezing.

Provencal Pois Pea (Pisum sativum)

Sowing Direct: from March to June, (November for overwintering).regularly every 3 weeks for continuous cropping.

Peas sown in cold, wet ground will rot so make sure the soil is warm. In early spring, cover the soil with polythene before sowing and then protect seedlings with fleece.

Sow seed in a single row 5 to 10cm (2 to 4in) apart, ensuring there is enough space for plant supports. Make a single V-shaped drill, 5cm (2in) deep, water the base of the drill and sow the peas. A second row can be added, as long as it’s 30cm (12in) away from the first drill.

It is important to have room to get between the rows to pick - 3ft is probably the minimum.

Water your peas well after sowing, and then leave them - except in very dry weather - until they flower, when they should have a really good soak to encourage good pod formation. Keep them weeded until well established. Support with pea sticks or canes and twine. Pick often to extend the harvest.

Sow every 4 weeks in order to maintain a steady supply of peas.

Supporting plants:

Once the peas have reached, 5 to 8cm (2 to 3in) in height and their tendrils begin to reach out for support, place supports next to plants. Use bamboo canes, pea sticks, trellis, netting, chicken wire or use any garden pruning that produces twiggy branches.


Harvest from early May onwards.
Regular picking is essential for a truly fresh pea. The more you harvest, the more they will produce. Harvest from the bottom of the plant working upwards. Do not pull up the plant as the roots are full of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
Most have 7 to 8 peas per pod. It is traditional that if you find one with 9 or more – you make a wish!


Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.
Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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