Biquinho Red "Pearl Peppers" (10) Fruit Seeds

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Pronounced bee-KEE-nyo, the name of this landrace from Brazil means ?little beak,? A fruity, sweet-flavoured Brazilian chilli that is known by several names "Chupetinho" and "Biquinho", but others include "pimenta de bico", "Pearl Peppers" and "chupetinha".  We at Viridis Hortus we sell this variety under the name "Biquinho Red".

It will add a kiss of flavour to any dish you cook with it. The bright red 1 inch pods taper to a point like an inverted teardrop. The pepper has the distinctive smoky flavour like other members of this species, but also a rich fruitiness that is enhanced by sugar or sweet-and-sour marinades. It also makes the perfect garnish for barbecues and pickles. The 2 1/2 foot bushes should be spaced 18 inches apart. Heat is mild 4/10


Days to Ripe Red - 100-120 days

Plant height - 60 - 80 cm

Fruit Habit - Pendant

Fruit Colour - Yellow-Green turning bright red

Fruit Shape - Triangular shaped rounded to little beak

Fruit Size (length x diameter) - 3.5 x 2.5 cm

Scoville rating - 500 - 1000

Taste - Sweet, fruity and peppery flavour, not much heat

Disease Tolerance -None



Thanks to its beautiful shape it can be used to decorate dishes and can be consumed in salads, sauces, casseroles and beans. Very strong aroma being a chinense type but very low pungency. Extremely prolific, producing 100s of fruit per plant.


Green Thumb Tip

Sow seeds indoors ¼" deep. Peppers germinate best in warm soil, so gentle bottom heat may be helpful until seedlings emerge. Wait to transplant outdoors until soil is warm.


Growing Peppers:

Peppers, like tomatoes, grow in well-drained fertile soil

Almost all peppers have the same requirements for successful growth.  Plant them in good, well-drained, fertile soil ? and make sure they get lots of sunlight and a good inch of water per week.  In many ways, they mimic the same requirements needed for growing great tomatoes.


At Planting Time:

We plant all of our peppers with a good shovel full of compost in the planting hole, and then give them a good dose of compost tea every few weeks for the first 6 weeks of growth.  We also mulch around each of our pepper plants with a good 1 to 2? thick layer of compost.


Peppers often like to take their sweet time germinating. They can be up in a week, and some will take almost a month. Even with paper towel germination testing, they can take long. I am not sure why, but it is a normal occurrence. So plan and make sure you start them early enough! Also, remember they like heat to germinate so make sure you have a heating mat or something to keep the soil warm. Placing them up on top of the fridge often works too since it is normally warmer up there.


Peppers do very well grown in pots.


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