Pea Shoots Serge Seeds Salad Leaves (200) (g's)

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This vining pea has been especially selected for its delicious sweet tasting shoots and tendrils. Grow in a container for a perfect, easy-to-pick, straight from plant to kitchen, addition to salads and cooking. 2½ft (75cm)


Peas prefer an open weed free site in full sun with moist fertile well-drained soil. Dig in plenty of compost about 2 weeks prior to sowing. Using cloches will help the earliest crops to germinate. Sow seed 50mm deep into a V shaped drill which has been watered prior to sowing. Sow seeds 15-20cm apart. Drills 30cm apart. Cover the seed with soil. Protect from birds with netting. The netting can be removed after germination, 9-13 days, but may take up to 35 days. Successional sow every 2 weeks.


Growing Instructions

Will require a support on which to climb, pea netting and bamboo canes are ideal. Water well when flowering begins and for 2 weeks after. Mulch can be added as the base of plant to retain moisture. Protect from birds and pea moth damage with fine netting if needed. If the Pea Shoots are not harvested regularly a normal Pea crop should be produced.


Cultivation Instructions

When each plant is 30cm tall and well established harvest may begin. Pick the top 2-5cm of every tip. After the 1st harvest allow the plant to recover for 2 weeks, then harvest weekly .

When to Sow (indoors): February, March, April

When to Sow (outdoors): April, May, June, July, August, September, October

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