Jiffy Biodegradable Round 6cm x 6cm Pots

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Packet Content: 25 x Round 6cm x 6cm Jiffy Biodegradable Pots


Jiffy-Pot are environmentally friendly alternative to the excessive use of plastic in horticulture 100% degradable & approved for organic production

Jiffy pots are manufactured from a minimum of 50% sphagnum peat, 50% wood fibre (pulp) and lime (to regulate pH levels). The peat content gives optimal soil porosity and improved root penetration, whilst the wood fibre gives the pot structural strength. pH 5.0 (+/-1.0) 

Volume: 120cc



  • Air pruning gives strong, fibrous root development
  • Minimal root disturbance & reduced transplant shock when potting-on
  • 100% biodegradable product means no de-potting & waste packaging generation.
  • Root zone microclimate averages 1o higher than using plastic pots
  • Buffering capacity of pot reduces water consumption by approx. 20% compared to plastics

The Jiffy-Pot is the environmentally friendly alternative to the excessive use of plastic in horticulture. JiffyPots are 100% degradable and approved for organic production, whilst being well suited to mechanical handling on the nursery.

Cost Savings: Roots grow through the pot wall naturally and are air pruned stimulating stronger, more fibrous root development than in plastic pots. There is no need to 'de-pot' before potting on or planting out, so establishment after potting on is quicker as there is no root disturbance. This means he growing period is normally reduced by several weeks compared to plants grown in plastic pots.

Quicker Rooting: Quicker rooting is achieved because temperature fluctuations in the root zone are reduced and the average root zone temperature is 1 degree higher than in plastic pots.
Reduced Water Consumption
The ability to retain moisture in the pot wall can reduce water consumption by up to 20% compared to plastic pots, allowing shorter or less frequent irrigation cycles.


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