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Exbury is a red cos batavia variety with intense cherry-red colouration in the leaf and stem. Leaves have a broad teardrop shape with a serrated leaf margin. Mildew resistance

Exbury normally reaches to a mature height of 7.8 inches (20.0 cm).

Exbury Lettuce is normally quite a low maintenance plant easy to grow great for inexperienced gardeners!.

We continue to work hard to introduce exciting blends of vibrant colour and incomparable textures more mildew resistant varieties but also concentrate on enhanced texture, flavour, Shape and colour.

Our salad leaf is selected baby lettuces varieties with comparable growth rates interesting and tasty baby leaf salad leaves will enhance presentation and flavors of any dish.
Just pair it with your favorite salad dressing and enjoy.


They can be grown in open ground or under protection, direct sown into beds and then harvested at 12-15cm tall in as little as 28 days from sowing at peak season. Viridis Hortus Salad leafs can also be sown direct in to pots (use 1-3 liter pots) Just sow little and often to get continuity.

Each of are varieties can be grown all year round, for a continuous supply of tasty and nutritious baby leaves. They can be grown in the home, on windowsills or raised in pots in glasshouses or polytunnel 'S in cooler areas for winter early spring crops.

Try to aim for a seed spacing of at least 5.85 inches (15.0 cm) and sow at a depth of around 0.49 inches (1.25 cm) if allowing maturing. Soil temperature should be kept higher than 5°C / 41°F to ensure good germination.

In autumn and winter seed can be sown into pots or seed trays which can be grown on the kitchen windowsill or in a heated conservatory/greenhouse.

Sow 20-30 seeds into a 10-12cm pot using a free draining compost and cover seed lightly after sowing.

For spring and summer crops, sow direct into prepared seed beds in the kitchen garden or greenhouse border, and this is the best growing technique for spring and summer crops.

Sow outdoors sprinkle seeds 1/2 inch apart in a 2 to 4 inch wide row covering lightly or broadcast sow.

Tip a small amount of seed into your hand, take a pinch and spread thinly along the trench. Cover with soil, label and water.

If birds are a problem in your garden, spread netting to prevent them eating the seed.

Sow every two weeks for a continual supply of tender young leaf.

The best tasting leaves come from plants which are grown quickly; this means a temperature of 15-19°C (60-70°F).

Under optimum growing conditions a crop of salad leaves can be ready for picking 3-4 weeks from sowing. Slower growing crops can become more fibrous and hotter flavored.

Once cut the plants should have sufficient energy for re-growth to provide a second or even third crop of leaves, giving a regular supply with "little and often" sowings.


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