Petunia F1 Daddy Mixed Pelleted Flowers Seeds

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Petunia F1 Daddy Mixed highly distinctive series of large flowered veined Petunias that are an interesting contrast to the plain colored with lovely shades of reds, pinks and purples with heavily veined flowers.

Unique mixture of Daddy types.

  •  Almost no other annual flower succeeds so easily or so well as Petunias when planted in a sunny position.

  • For denser plants and more flowers pinch or shear when 6 inches tall and keep faded flowers picked.

  • Really outstanding in beds, pots or hanging baskets.

  • Height 30cm.



Early February sowings will flower from early May, March sowings flower late May to June.


Sow into plug trays ideally to prevent root disturbance, or seedling trays. Germination takes 7-10 days at 20-24oC, when sown onto an open seed-sowing compost.

Pelleted seed is available for many varieties allowing easier seed placement. If using pelleted seed make sure the compost remains moist so the pellets can break down and release the germinating seedling.

Light is required for germination (10 hours at 10 ftc (108 lux) is sufficient), and to stop the seedlings from stretching.

  • Keep the germinating seedlings moist at all times.

  • Once the seed-leaves (coyledons) have emerged, begin liquid-feeding the young seedlings, and gradually reduce the soil moisture, to prevent stretching of the young plants. Throughout the culture, high light levels and moderate temperatures (10-15 oC) will encourage a compact habit.

  • After around 5 weeks the young plants are ready for transfer into 6- or 9-packs, or 8cm pots, or else can be grown on in cell trays then used for baskets and containers

  • Grow on and gradually harden off for planting outside after last frost.

  • ?Try sowing into plug trays two seeds per station. This will save pricking off later.


Suitable for the garden, allotments and containers.

Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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