Geranium Asphodeloides (12) Seeds

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Perennial geranium with asphodel flowers

Geranium asphodeloides

Type: Perennial
Adult size (H x W): 0.4mx 0.3m
Flowering period: june, july
Perennial forming a cushion. Cymes hanging from many flowers, pink or white, with narrow petals and darker veins.

Here is a kind that offers us all kinds of small rustic garden invaders, suitable for all exhibitions. Mixed with other plants or mono-specific plantation, geraniums are always welcome, you will inevitably find several to seduce you. A perennial really easy to cultivate. She accepts all exhibitions and is very rustic. A little sun promotes flowering. Split it every 4 or 5 years to give it strength. Be careful not to confuse the perennial geraniums and Pelargonium, commonly called "balcony geranium". Perennial geraniums are not known to trigger allergies. Prefer it for the conception of a non-allergenic garden.

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