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Hurst Green Shaft Pea (Pisum sativum)
Hardy Annual

If you're going to sow only one pea, sow Pea 'Hurst Green Shaft'.

A sweet tasting, wrinkle-seeded, heavy cropping variety and it grows tall, just what you want to mature for harvesting over a long period with a good drip-drip supply of tasty, sweet peas. It's also good for freezing.

Moist but well drained in full sun. Sowing: This is a maincrop variety which is sown in March - June. Rake out a trench about 5cm deep and 10cm wide and sow three rows of peas evenly spaced about 7cm apart. Rake soil back over them.

Space trenches 75cm apart. Height: Up to 120cm (4ft) Spacing: When seedlings reach 5cm tall push in pea sticks 75cm tall for support.

Care tips: Water moderately.

Harvest: July - September.

Always pick peas young. The sooner they're eaten after picking, the greater the sweetness.

Storing: Freeze for up to 6 months, or store in the refrigerator for a fortnight. Cooking Notes: Eat the peas raw, or steamed. The flowers are edible too.

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