Lion's Mane Mushroom Growing Kit

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Our Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) grow kit is specially designed to yield thick, dense, and luxuriant mushroom clusters. This incredibly adaptable mushroom can be used in a variety of preparations - cooked, dried, turned into an extract, or even brewed as a tea. Beyond its unique versatility, Lion's Mane is also celebrated for its culinary properties. Serving as an excellent substitute for meat, its flavour and texture, particularly when cooked, bear an uncanny resemblance to the succulent consistency and taste of crab meat.


The easy all-in-one solution to quickly growing Lion's Mane mushrooms at home.

A hassle-free & cost-effective way of growing Lion's Mane:

✔️ Pre Colonised fruiting block that is ready to fruit - no need to inoculate

✔️ No space required to grow & requires minimal effort

✔️ Large yields of 300-800g  fresh Lion's Mane


Finally a Simple Way Of Getting Mushrooms!

Get growing with this easy-to-use kit, just place the block into fruiting conditions and wait for the mushrooms to grow! No need to waste any time or effort. We make it easy!

✔️ Save £££ by growing your own Lion's Mane at home

✔️ Masters Mix blend formulated by mycologists for rapid colonisation

✔️ Beginner friendly, no prior knowledge required



This kit comes pre-colonised with thick, healthy mycelium, so you can skip straight to fruiting!

In order to fruit Lion's Mane, the easiest method is to top fruit. Simply cut the top off the bag (underneath the seal) to allow air inside. Mist once or twice a day and wait for the magic to happen! Alternatively, you can grow your fruiting block in a humidity-controlled chamber, like a monotub or martha tent.



Please aim to use your grow kits soon after receiving them. If you need to store them, put them in the fridge. They can last a number of months before they expire.


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