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New Zealand spinach an unusual heirloom variety with succulent triangular shaped leaves. It is very handy in warmer gardens where it can tolerate the hotter summer months without bolting and going to seed. It is not frost hardy.

Unrelated to ordinary Spinach, this is a pleasant and interesting alternative with fleshy, brittle, green leaves that can be picked repeatedly until the plant is cut down by frost. It is a spreading, somewhat bushy plant that can be given plenty of room for development, say 2½ft in each direction. Easily grown as a half-hardy annual, and cooked like Spinach. 1ft (30cm)


Germination Instructions

Sow after the last spring frosts. Soak the seeds for 12 hours in cold water. Sow directly into a well prepared seed bed with plenty of added compost, where the soil has been loosened to 30cm depth and raked to a fine tilth. Sow heavily 10mm deep into a drill, 15cm spacing, drill 30cm apart. Cover with soil. Germination 10-20 days. Can be started 2-3 weeks before last frost under glass for later transplanting.


Growing Instructions

This is a low growing weak stemmed plant with a spreading habit. Prefers a moisture retentive soil. If very hot offer shade in the afternoon.


Cultivation Instructions

Harvest leaves continually once they are large enough to pick. Cut and come again variety.

When to Sow (outdoors): May, June, July



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