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This exceedingly sweet pepper has nearly all the same characteristics as the California Wonder, except for its color.  As its name might suggest, this 5?  tall perennial pepper is bright gold, changing to orange-red when mature.  Its thick, hearty inside is excellent for a variety of uses such as salsas, salads, stuffing and cooking. 

The Golden Wonder Pepper plant grows about 2-3? in height and should be spaced about 1-3? apart.  It produces upright, sturdy plants that are high in Vitamins A and C.  Just like golden blondes, Golden Wonder Peppers love the sun!  Whatever your cooking needs might be, you can?t go wrong with the Golden Wonder.


Growing Instructions

Plant 45cm apart in a sunny but sheltered position in well drained soil. They prefer to be in a greenhouse but can be grown in a pot in a conservatory or in a sunny spot on your patio but you will not get much of a crop outside. Peppers like water, keep them well watered until established and in dry weather (but not soggy). If we have an intensely hot summer (which is rare I know) you will need to give them a bit of shade to protect their delicate leaves. Once they reach roughly 30cm they will need staking for support as the peppers start to grow. Feed them once you see at least 2 or 3 peppers growing NOT before. If you only see one pepper growing and its about 5cm and no sign of any others growing, pick it and this should promote more to grow, remember not to feed it until you see 2 or 3 growing.

Plant height up to 50cm

Harvest June to October (When they are swollen and glossy roughly 80-100 Days from planting)


All peppers suffer from cold feet so they are better grown in a grow bag or pot/container because they warm up quicker than soil.

Regular feeding is recommended


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