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A wonderfully productive and decorative chilli pepper. The unique, bushy growing habit of Chilli Pepper 'Basket of Fire' makes it perfect for hanging baskets and containers. This colourful variety becomes smothered with small, hot chillies which mature from deep purple through yellow and orange to a bright shade of scarlet red, creating a fabulous display. Plants show good tolerance to cool weather and will continue to fruit outside well into the autumn, and even longer under glass. These powerful peppers have a Scoville heat rating of around 80000shu, and once harvested can be dried or used fresh from the plant. Height: 30cm (12”). Spread: 50cm (20”).


Sow pepper seeds about 1 cm deep into a seed tray or in small pots or cells.  Cover lightly, water and place inside at between 20-25°C to aid germination,  place the tray in a plastic bag.
Sow January-March.
Germination can be slow with some hot peppers.

As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out.
Transplant the seedlings into small individual pots. Use rich compost and keep  the plants between 20-30°C during the growing season.

For best production keep the plants in the Greenhouse, Polytunnel, Conservatory.


Transplant seedlings when large enough to handle into 7.5cm (3in) pots. Plant in the greenhouse in individual large pots, or 3 plants per growbag when 20cm (8in) high.

Can be planted outdoors, 45cm (18in) apart once all frost risk has passed.



Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.
Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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