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Perhaps the worlds hottest pepper: measured at over 1 million Scovilles. Originating in the Assam region of India it has lime green fruits which ripen to red. Best grown under warm conditions to maximise the heat.

Bhut Jolokia, the smallest amount of Bhut Jolokia can flavour a sauce so intensely it?s barely edible. Taking a small bite will cause watering eyes and a runny nose.

One of the world?s hottest chilli is the Bhut Jolokia also known as Bih Jolokia (ghost Chilli) originating in Assam in North East India. It is the one of the record holders with an official Scoville heat rating (SHU) of 1,001,304 SHU twice that of the previous record holder, the Red Savina.


Ripe peppers measure 60 to 85 mm (2.4 to 3.3 in) long and 25 to 30 mm (1.0 to 1.2 in) wide with a red, yellow, orange, or chocolate color. The unselected strain of bhut jolokia from India is an extremely variable plant, with a wide range in fruit sizes and fruit production per plant, and offers a huge potential for developing much better strains through selection in the future. Bhut jolokia pods are unique among peppers, with their characteristic shape, and very thin skin. However, the red fruit variety has two different fruit types, the rough, dented fruit and the smooth fruit. The images on this page show examples of both the rough and the smooth fruit forms. The rough fruit plants are taller, with more fragile branches, and the smooth fruit plants yields more fruit, and is a more compact plant with sturdier branches.


Long growing season, most suitable for greenhouse, polytunnel, conservatory  production.

Sow pepper seeds about 1 cm deep into a seed tray or in small pots or cells.  Cover lightly, water and place inside at between 20-25°C to aid germination,  place the tray in a plastic bag.
Sow January-March.
Germination can be slow with some hot peppers.


As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out.
Transplant the seedlings into small individual pots. Use rich compost and keep  the plants between 20-30°C during the growing season.


For best production keep the plants in the Greenhouse, Polytunnel, Conservatory.


Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season.

Regular feeding is recommended.

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