Chinese Cabbage 1625 F1 Early Variety 70 Seeds

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New early summer variety, strong against premature flowering. Heads are compact  fresh green colour leaf with good internal quality.

Chinese Cabbage CCAB 1625 F1 is a Early Summer Variety, Probably the most widely  recognized oriental vegetable. Useful for salad or culinary purposes, and  relatively easy to produce

A vigorous but compact torpedo shaped Chinese cabbage, It starts producing neat  heads around 23 cm high with average weight 900g, about 30 days after sowing.  Bright green outer leaves and well blanched heart. Well adapted to a wide range  of growing conditions. Tolerant to bolting and cold temperatures.

This oriental brassica is both fast growing and highly productive if given the  right conditions. It requires an open situation with fertile, well-drained, moisture-retentive  soil (pH 6.5 or 5.8 on peaty soils). Being fast-growing the soil must be rich in organic  matter and high in nitrogen.

It is susceptible to excessive salt concentrations, and never does well in poor,  dry soil.
Being generally shallow-rooted, water is important so water little and often.
Chinese Cabbage is very temperature-sensitive, especially in relation to  bolting, but improved F1 cultivars and crop management should minimise this risk.


during propagation should be 18oC min., then when planting out in modules at the  2-3
leaf stage, a min. of 7oC is required. The crop can be stored in a cold store at  1oC and 90-95%25 R.H. for 2-3 weeks.

Cultural Instructions
Sow from June minimum germination temperature is 18oC, with an optimum of  20-25oC. Sow into blocks or modules - do not transplant bare-root seedlings.  Germination should take about 7-12 days. Plant up the young plants at approx  30cm within and 30-40cm between rows.

Maturity 60-65 days from transplanting.

Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.
Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during  season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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