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Asparagus 'Connover's Colossal' (Heirloom/Heritage Variety)

Easy from seed & Quick to Establish

This selection of Asparagus 'Connovers Colossal' received an RHS AGM as a very well maintained strain of this popular old favourite. This is an open-pollinated variety producing an early, heavy crop of good quality spears. Hardy throughout the British Isles. The quality of its bright green spears with deep purple tips, and huge yield is exceptional for a non hybrid.

Early maturing and popular Heirloom variety with thick large spears and pointed bud tips. An excellent standard variety of excellent flavour and a very heavy cropper.
This is an extremely easy perennial plant to raise cheaply from seed if you have a little patience which will reward you with prolific crops for many years with little effort. Graceful, feathery green foliage remains attractive long after harvest. Full or partial sun.

Type: Perennial
Days To Germination: 14-15
Planting Depth: 1-1/2 inches
Spacing, Row: 36inches
Spacing, Plant: 12-18 inches
Plant Height: 30 inches
Light: Sunny or Partially Shaded


Sow seeds Indoors in January - June or directly outside from Mid April

Seeds sown indoors/outdoors should be soaked overnight in warm water to help with germination of the seeds.
Optimum soil temperature for germination is 60-86 degrees.
When large enough to handle thin to the strongest plant, or transplant seedlings.
Select a well drained site with a sunny or partially shaded location.
When 3-4 inches plant out in raised rows 3ft apart, 12-18 inches between plants.
Mulch the rows in autumn to protect the plants and provide nutrients as these are heavy feeders

It is recommended plants should not be harvested until the second year and only lightly to allow the plants to become more established. Heavy cuttings are possible the third year. Keep the are weed free and do not allow the soil to become dried out. Adding well rotted organic matter to the soil prior to planting/sowing will encourage vigorous growth and an annual mulch of the same will benefit these plants enormously.

Height: 150cm (59"). Spread: 45cm (18").

Harvest May - June

Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.
Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.

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