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Early Onward Pea (Pisum sativum)

Heavy cropper, maturing some 10 days earlier than Onward.

Excellent flavour and very sweet.

Early peas are best started off in the greenhouse, propagator or windowsill and planted out when they're about 10cm tall. Peas prefer full sun but can also cope with semi-shade. Peas do especially well in ground that has been dug with manure the autumn before and can tolerate most soil types.

Peas sown directly in their growing position in early spring are very vulnerable and susceptible to pest damage. It?s better to sow early varieties into modules or seed trays in early spring and leave to germinate in a propagator or greenhouse. They can then be planted outside from late April - May.

Later sowings can take place directly in the growing site or under cover. For sowing direct, plant the seeds at a depth of about 3" (4cm). Sow in rows with the seeds about 12cm apart and allow 45cm between rows. They can also be sown into circles (for wigwam supports). Once the seedlings emerge, position a growing support or cane at the base of each plant for it to grow up.

Keep peas well watered in the summer and pick them regularly to encourage the growth of more. To encourage even more peas to grow, feed occasionally with a general purpose vegetable fertiliser, Bio-Gro Black Gold seaweed fertiliser is ideal. Control weeds growing around the base of the plants to help keep the competition for nutrients low. If the peas are planted in rows the best way to keep it weed free is with The Great Little Weeder.


Pick while pods are bright green. Cooked shelled or, to conserve flavour, cook pods whole and shell afterwards.


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