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Canton or Dwarf Bok Choy is short and squat and often known as Baby or Squat Pak Choi, with a dwarf compact habit producing short, broad, thick, pure white petioles and dark green, glossy, slightly savored leaves. Good heat tolerance with sowing from late spring.

This fast growing vegetable can be harvested at any growth stage, for eating as 'baby leaf, or left to mature to thick succulent white stems. It is a non-heading variety that produces clusters of 8 to 12 crisp white stalks with large nearly round smooth glossy green leaves.

Dense planting and high yield can be obtained. Seedlings picked in the thinning plants during growth are good for cooking too. This easy to grow vegetable, suitable for spring to late autumn crops, is a very good variety for home garden and fresh market growing. It is tender and delicious, good for stir-fry and soup.


Pak Choi grows best in a sunny position in a fertile soil. It can be sown directly into open ground or can be planted into grow bags. If grown for baby leaf it can be sown into small containers or even window boxes.

Sowing: Can be grown all year

Pak choi is a cool-season crop typically grown in autumn and early winter, though in warmer climates harvest can continue well into winter. It will germinate at temperatures between 13 to 24°C (55 to 70°F). 
These green stemmed varieties withstand adverse conditions than white stemmed forms. Some protection is required for winter harvesting. Phasing the sowing will extend the cropping period.


Sow thinly, direct into finely raked, moist, weed free soil 6mm (0.25in) deep in rows 30cm (12in) apart. Thin the resulting seedlings, leaving the strongest, by degrees to a final spacing of 20cm (8in) apart.


It is important to water well in dry weather and to keep well weeded. Provide a weak liquid feed once a week.
It needs to be grown quickly and the roots must be kept moist. Checks to growth, brought on by overcrowding or drought, will cause plants to bolt. They are snail magnets, so plants need protection in the open garden.


Plants reach a stage for ?baby leaf? harvest in 28 days and mature plants take around 50 days. Chop off enough of the base of the Pak choi plant before washing so that stalks can be cleaned individually.


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