10 x Propagator Sets Full Standard Seed Trays with 8 Cell Insert V8

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A propagator will help you successfully germinate seeds or cuttings. These non-electric Propagators come complete with Seed Trays and Covers and are designed to maintain the optimum germination. These propagators make it easy for you to grow a wide variety of plants without worrying about setting the correct temperature.

5 x Set Content Comprising of:

5 x Full size Heavyweight seed tray, 5 x Full size Propagator Lids, 5 x Vacapot insert Plug Trays V8    


10 x Set Content Comprising of:

10 x Full size Heavyweight seed tray, 10 x Full size Propagator Lids, 10 x Vacapot insert Plug Trays V8 


Propagator Lids

Good quality full size propagator lids. These lids are designed to fit standard full size seed trays. There slightly domed and are formed from 0.5 thickness clear Apet material.

Measurements are 25cm wide, 38cm long and 8.5cm deep.


Heavyweight Seed Trays

These seed trays can be reused if handled with care, particularly if vacapot or vacapak inserts are used. Formed from .75 mm thick recycled high impact polystyrene. The two level drainage allows for over-head or sub-irrigation systems.

Measurements are 24.5cm wide, 37.5cm long and 6cm deep.


Vacapot Inserts

These inserts for Seed Trays are thin walled inserts designed to fit British standard seed trays. There used as a cheap alternative to plug trays especially good for starting of seeds and starting off trees, shrubs and bigger vegetables. These trays can be re-used for several seasons.

Each tray measures: 36cm long x 23cm wide. With drainage holes.

V8 cell cavity size at top: 98mm x 75mm x 52mm Internal Deep (8 single pots)

Propagator Sets comprises of: 5 x Full Seed Tray, 5 x Propagator Lid Sets with 5 x 8 Cell Plug Insert Trays

Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.


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