25 x Jiffy 7C 30mm Propagation Plug Pellets

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Packet Content: 25 x Jiffy 7C 30mm Propagation Peat/Compost Plug Pellets.


Hydrated size 7mm x 30mm / Re-hydrated size 33mm x 33mm

No other growing media provides as many advantages as the Jiffy-7C faster superior root development.

Well balanced starter fertilizer optimum air porosity.

No root disturbance - better plant survival.

Easier handling and storage less handling involved.

New degradable netting 33mm diameter (when reconstituted).

In common with the rest of the Jiffy-7 range, Jiffy-7C is supplied in a dried compressed form allowing the grower to store unused plugs until the next crop cycle without wastage.

Efficient storage on the nursery is also a benefit as the Jiffy-7C occupies less than 1?4 of the space of other discrete plugs.

The plugs are easily re-hydrated ready for use, by hand or during the normal irrigation cycle.

To start seedlings with Jiffy-7C Pellets soak pellets for less than five minutes then squeeze to introduce air and prevent water logging. Using a match, create a hole for one seed. Insert seed and cover then propagate.

A specially formulated base fertilizer gives plants the best start without the need for further application until later in the production cycle.

As many crops requiring such high air porosity in the substrate are grown on the verge of drought conditions, Jiffy-7C has incorporated a specially designed wetting agent to allow fast and uniform re-wetting of the substrate should it be allowed to become over-dry.

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