10 x Early Strawberry Honeoye Bare Root Plants

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Plant Count: 10

A great flavoured early strawberry Honeoye bear root plants heavy cropper with great disease resistance. Prolific with orange red delicious fruit from mid-June to late July. Ideal for growing in a vegetable plot, or are attractive grown in patio pots where space is limited.

Planting Growing Instructions

Planting our Bare-Root Plants

Dig out a hole for each plant, create a mound with soil at the bottom of the hole and place the strawberry plant inside and spread the roots around the side of the mound before replacing the soil. Plant with tip of crown at soil level. Strawberries require planting in rich soil and in a sunny position, planting in rows. Plant at approx. 45cm apart, leaving 60cm between each row. If planting in containers plant five-six plants in each pot and water daily during the growing season. 

Planting Pot Grown Strawberry Plants

Once your strawberry plants arrive, if the roots are dry place them in some water for a few hours and then put the plants in freshly dug and weeded soil that has been enriched with manure or chicken poo tea.

Cultural Instructions take some precaution to deter slugs as they will love to attack your strawberry plants (for example use slug pellets). They will continue to provide fruit for two to three years following planting. Late autumn and spring planted bare rooted specimens are better with blooms removed in May to build strength for future seasons heavy crops. 

Plant in full sun Fruits June to late July Trim back annually after all fruit had been plucked. Often expensive when shop bought, so grow your own - it's easy from seed and more satisfying! 

Weed Control for Strawberry Plants

We do not suggest using polythene weed membrane as it encourages pests and diseases.


You can buy fabric weed control below

2m x per Liner Metre Weed, Mulch or Landscape Heavy-Duty Fabric Ground Membrane Control Cover

Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.

Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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