Geranium Pratense Mixed Colours Perennial Seeds

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  • Family: Geraniaceae
  • Plant Classification: Hardy perennial
  • Height (approx.): 20-28in / 50-70cm


Geranium Pratense Mixed Colours are a superb collection of all of our geranium pratense forms. Colours range from pure white, through pinks and pale blues to deep blue. Also included are some coloured-foliage forms which vary from dark to paler foliage. They are beautiful, reliable and endlessly various. Today's stunning hybrids are the modern flag bearers of a genus with a long history in our gardens.

One of the longest bloomers in the garden, hardy geranium bears flowers for months at a time. It produces jewel-tone, saucer-shape flowers and mounds of handsome, lobed foliage. It needs full sun, but otherwise it is a tough and reliable plant, thriving in a wide assortment of soils. Many of the best are hybrids.

A generous selection taken from our range including items with too few seeds to list. This exceptionally good value mix always contains a few real rarities and could be the cheapest way to start a collection of these long-lasting plants. Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers. Drought tolerant. Prefers full sun.


Sowing advice: Sow at approximately 15-20°C (60-68°F) in pots or trays using a good quality compost, cover the seed lightly with a sprinkling of compost, or vermiculite. Place in a polythene bag or propagator and keep the soil moist at all times. When the seedlings are large enough to handle transfer and grow them on in cooler conditions. When the risk of frost has passed, acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 14-21 days before planting out 30cm (12") apart.


Suitable for the Garden, vegetable garden, allotments, borders and containers. 

Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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