Blackberry Plants

Blackberry Plants

Growing your own blackberries is easy!  These cultivated blackberries produce much bigger fruits than their wild relatives the bramble and many varieties are now thornless.  They are also much easier to manage and won’t take over your fruit patch.  All you need is some enriched soil, a position which is at least partly sunny and a way of giving them support.

Blackberries produce best in full sun, but they can tolerate partial shade. However, plants do not grow or produce well in heavy shade.

Blackberries are sensitive to wet soils. Therefore, drainage is an important factor to consider when you're selecting a site. This is only available for container plants and not Bare Root plants.

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New Blackberry Bedford Giant Early Fruiting Plant

Product no.: PLAN006

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New Blackberry Merton Thornless Plant

Product no.: PLAN007

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