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Cherry Belle Radish is a standard round globe variety fast-maturing in 2-8 week, long season cropping which is popular with salad?s.

These are high yielding, in limited space.

An excellent catch crop throughout the season.


Sowing & Growing: Sow radishes thinly outdoors in drills 15cm apart, thinning the seedlings to 3cm apart within the row soon after emergence, watering ground well before and after seed emergence.

Birds are often a nuisance so protect the crop. Keep the weeds at bay and keep ground moist otherwise roots can become woody and peppery. Radishes like fertile moist soil, with regular watering in dry periods to keep the soil moist for rapid growth.


Harvest: Summer varieties are ready for harvest when they are the diameter of a 10p piece. It is best to lift them in November and store in the same way as carrots.


Storage: Store in plastic bags or containers in the refrigerator.

Winter Storage Radishes: Sow 5-10 weeks before first fall frost. Thin to wider spacing (4-6 in. apart) than regular radishes. Harvest before temperatures drop below 20 degrees F. Trimmed roots can store 2-3 months in the refrigerator or root cellar. These radishes are daylength-sensitive and should not be sown in spring.


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