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Fennel, Green (Common Fennel) (Foeniculum vulgare) Perennial:


Fennel has a sweet aroma and an aniseed flavour. Use leaves in fish stock, sauces and stuffing’s and in mayonnaise, flavoured butters and salad dressings. The dried stalks can be placed under grilled or barbecued fish. At the two-leafed stage, the seedlings make a pungent addition to salads, reminiscent of mustard.


Sow direct from March to May.

Fennel will grow in most any soil, but the richer the soil, the more tender the foliage and the less aromatic the seed. It likes a well-drained, sheltered but sunny position. It is easily propagated by seeds. Seedlings do not transplant well, so it is better to sow directly in the garden in the late spring. Plant them 25 to 30cm (10 to 12") apart and then thin them out as necessary. It grows a very deep taproot which is difficult to pull up, so remove unwanted seedlings while young.

Sow thinly 1cm deep April to July, germinates at 10-30°C spacing plants 20-30cm apart with 60cm between rows.


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