2 x Cucumber Burpless F1 Tasty Green Plug Plants A:Cucumis sativus B:130327 C:3509 D:GB

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Plug Plant Count: 2    


We are offering three Burpless F1 Cucumber - Tasty Green plug plants ready for potting on and growing on in frost free greenhouse or on sunny windowsill ready for planting out as soon as last frosts have passed


Productive, early outdoor, greenhouse or polytunnel hybrid variety with delicious approx 25cm (10in) long fruits the fruits are smooth, shiny dark green, with a small core and no bitterness. 


Plant in large pots, growing bags, or into a soil border at 45cm (18") apart in early June pinch out side shoots regularly and when in flower tap or shake plants daily to aid setting.


For growing in unheated greenhouses, Plant late April-early May. Harvest mid August-mid October.


Harvest mid August-mid October. Standard varieties: Support with stakes or canes. Pinch out the main growth when four good trusses have set. Bush varieties: These cease growing when 30-38cm (12-15") high. Do not remove side shoots. Support is not essential, but short stakes will help control the plants and keep fruit clean.



Suitable for the vegetable garden, allotments and containers.
Be prepared to water well and supplement feed with high-potash feed during season. Regular feeding is recommended.


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